Submerged Series, No. 12, No. 13, No. 11Submerged SeriesSubmerged SeriesSubmerged seriesSubmerged series, No. 14 & No. 17You Are My Sun, Aurora Borealis (side view) with Submerged series in backgroundSubmerges series, No. 15 & No. 16You Are My Sun, Aurora Borealis (lights off)You Are My Sun, Aurora Borealis (lights on)You Are My Sun, Aurora Borealis (detail)You Are My Sun, Aurora BorealisSubmerged Series Light Sculpture BoxesSubmerged, Moss Green and Pink 1Submerged, Pink and Yellow 1Submerged, Moss Green and Yellow 1Nicca's Dream series
Green, Yellow, BlueNicca's Dream Blue
with Yellow sidesNicca's Dream Yellow
with Green sidesNicca's Dream Green
with Blue sidesFor Those Who Don't MindFor Those Who Don't MindVanishing PointNicca's Dream Pink
Nicca's Dream Obsidian
Nicca's Dream Tangerine
Nicca's Dream ObsidianNicca's Dream TangerineNicca's Dream PinkWant It, WantedWant It, Wanted
Need It, Needn'tNeed It, Needn'tNeed It, Needn'tSubmerged 1Submerged 2Submerged 3Break of Day
LightboxWe Are Equal Butterfly 1
Human Rights CampaignWe Are Equal Butterfly 2
Human Rights Campaign
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Neon and LED works