carmen menza

Unfolding the Sun 1 & 2
Aluminum, mixed media, acrylic, LEDs, transformer
51”h x 26”w x 3.5”d ( each half circle)

This work is being donated to the DCAC Art for Advocacy Auction this September to support their efforts to help abused children in the region. Go to… to learn more.

See more work at my Instagram @carmenmenzaart

Coming Events:

Negotiating Dialogues
World Premiere - Dallas Symphony Orchestra's SOLUNA Festival and The Cedars Union Co-Commission
Modern chamber work with generative visuals

Rescheduled for September 18, 2021, 4-6pm
The Cedars Union
1219 S Ervay Street, Dallas, TX 75215
Tickets will be on sale soon through the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Dallas-based visual artist and musician Carmen Menza premieres a modern, multi-movement chamber work employing improvisation and generative visuals. Interactive visuals have a dialogue with music in this immersive experience creating a visual and auditory dialogue. This newly commissioned world premiere brings together a creative team featuring Mark Menza, Eric Farrar and Joel Olivas and will be performed by musicians of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

*Negotiating Dialogues is a recipient of a grant from the TACA New Works Fund and a recipient of an Arts Activate 2020/City of Dallas Office of Arts & Culture grant.