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Aurora Borealis 1, Promise Me the Sun
Aurora Borealis 1, Promise Me the Sun
Aluminum, acrylic, mixed media, LEDs, transformers
38" diameter x 4.25"d

In my light works I sculpt intimate worlds through materials that allow for a sense of engagement and defamiliarization. I obscure the contents within my work pushing us to reassess the information our senses first gather. Reflection of light becomes composition, shifting color as you change your angle of incidence in front of it. I explore the effects of light in relation to color and space, how it might exaggerate or soften the angles of a subject according to its intensity and placement. Time is an additional element I use through shifting perception and visual illusion with implied or actual movement. The addition of time adds a level of uncertainty that brings the viewer to question what they are perceiving.

You can view a video of this work here.