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The Theory of Chance
LED video projection, generative visuals, original music, performance.
40'w x 14'h x 14'd

The Theory of Chance

Video projection, generative visuals, original music, performance.

Made for Dallas Aurora Light & Sound Biennial 2015 held in the Dallas Arts District this multi-layered installation focused on the generative transformation of visuals and light through sound. A visual world of illuminated backgrounds and objects created through both in camera shots and animation. Wide-angle lens shots and pathways of reflected light blur toward and through the camera weaving a rich landscape. The original score is a 21st century chamber piece that employs an environment of recorded and live players utilizing elements of jazz, philharmonic, soundscape, and electronic score. A strong central element of the piece is improvisation both musically and visually. The graphic elements projected on screen utilize custom generative programming that reacts to audio input. Beyond the cinematic score and the visuals, ultimately the final layer of The Theory of Chance comes from the live performance the evening of Aurora Dallas – All Together Now. The community was invited to collaborate as a copy of the written score was released 2 weeks prior to the event and those wishing to participate the night of the performance were invited to do so. Ultimately, The Theory of Chance is a feast of visuals and sounds creating an immersive and participatory fusion between artist and community, between new technologies and classic techniques that expands the presentation of art into new dimensions.
Mark Menza and Matt Brooks were my collaborators in this work.
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