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Staring at the Sun
HD projected animation, original music score and multi channel soundscape, Two 14k projectors, Kinect system for interactivity, 2 PC systems, Multi speaker sound system
14' diameter

Dallas Symphony Orchestra's - SOLUNA Festival - Array, Dallas, TX
Staring at the Sun
May 2018

I endeavor to create work that transforms through the passage of movement and time and that makes a connection with viewer on a deeper level.
"Staring at the Sun" is a multi-sensory, immersive installation that uses color, form and music to elevate the viewer's perception.

An origami inspired sculpture serves as projection surface for animated sequences of geometric shapes and particle animation that are ever changing. Initially a custom musical soundscape serves as the prompt to continually trigger images on screen. Geometric patterns and fractal tessellations are generated in real-time through soundscape and viewer's interaction. A Kinect camera faces centrally downwards from above while translating the viewer's movements to the “Sun”. When stimulated by the presence of bodies and motion the speed and duration of images shift and transform. Every gesture of the viewer acts as energy that transforms the visualized patterns. A multi channel sound system integral to this installation provides heightened sensory experience.
Matt Brooks is my collaborator in this project developing the coding & interactivity in Unity Game Engine.