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Beyond 10
Beyond 10

Beyond 10
Total Running Time - 4:34:17
Directed by Carmen Menza
Original Music by Carmen Menza - © 2017 All Rights Reserved
Music produced by Mark Menza
Audio Post by Menza Music
1080P 29.97 DF
Full Mix English

Carmen Menza’s Beyond 10 is a short film that explores the culture that has long considered it perfectly acceptable to judge a woman on her physical beauty. The film utilizes WFAA film archives from the 1960’s and 1970’s but it’s relevancy to present day events is striking.
These misogynistic ideas have emerged again in America’s latest presidential campaign shining a light on sexual objectification.
Donald Trump openly rates women on a scale of 1-10 and has attacked women’s physical appearance on numerous occasions.

To be fair, it is not only Donald Trump and the male gender.
The practice of judging women's appearance is one that women participate in as well. With retouched images of anorexic models on magazine covers and the message that society judges us on our beauty women often turn themselves into a commodity.

Admiring and appreciating beauty is something that will always take place but hopefully we can move from antiquated objectifying ideals of beauty and recognize that beauty comes in all forms. Beyond 10 is meant to shine a light on our culture of misogyny and work to change it into something more empowering.