Life in Color 1Life in Color 2Life in Color 3Life in Color 4Life in Color 5Life in Color 6Life in Color 7Life in Color 8Life in Color 9Life in Color 10Life in Color 11Life in Color 12You Are My Moon 4You Are My Moon 3You Are My Moon 2You Are My Moon 1You Are My World 2You Are My World 1The World Turns Softly 2East of the Sun West of TokyoFinally Forever 2Traces of Me, Traces of You (Copper)Traces of Me, Traces of You (Teal)Traces of Me, Traces of You (Gold)Golden Precipice 2Staring at the Sun 1Sedona SunsetBeyond The Sea1
Available Paintings
These are works currently available. Contact me for more info.